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Reprints from October, 1959 issue of OUTBOARD PROGRESS magazine



The first of Oliver's English-made outboard motors will be available in November.  Four models will be available at that time - a 6- and a 16-h.p. manual, a 16- and a 36-h.p. electric.  Additional motors are being developed, the company said, and will be announced when they are ready for distribution.
The motors will be restyled and finished in Beach White and Turquoise, with new paints developed by English engineers.  Features of the line include Dura-Drive lower units, automotive-type poppet valves, low-tension magneto-alternator ignition system, tilt-angle adjustment devices, cushioned-hub props, key-switch starting, tilt-up and carrying handles, fiberglass shrouds and nylon bearings on external throttle controls.


Powered by twin Oliver 35's
Plenty of room and very little draft

Pictured is a catamaran fiberglass boat, 14 feet in length and with the same 68 inch beam from bow to stern.  Produced by Canton Manufacturing Company of Canton, Mo.  Powered by twin Oliver Olympus 35's.

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