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Carl's Chris-Crafts

Ronald Lietha, of Tomahawk, WI has sent along information concerning two Chris-Craft Commanders he owns that originally were purchased by Kiekhaefer Corporation, as was their practice for all competitor's motors.  Their findings undoubtedly hurried along the process of Chris-Craft retreating from the manufacture of outboards, and, of course, the subsequent acquisition by Oliver. 

Cover letter from Ronald Lietha

Cover letter from Ronald enclosing the information contained in this article.  Note the references to various articles in the Antique Outboard Motor Club's Antique Outboarder Magazine.  If you have access to these editions, it will be well worth the effort to revisit them.



Merten Marine Letter

Ronald purchased the Chris-Crafts through an intermediary from Merten Marine of Oshkosh, WI who apparently had a contract with Mercury to purchase competing brand motors acquired by them at scrap aluminum value!  Apparently most of the hundreds of virtually new motors of competing brands were disposed of by Mertin but the Chris-Crafts were saved because they (Merten) thought the CC's would make good "duck hunting" motors!  A stroke of luck that they also weren't relegated to the smelter.

Letter from Charlie Strang - page 1Letter from Charlie Strang - page 2


Letter received from Charlie Strang (who ultimately retired as President of OMC) documenting what he remembered of the circumstances surrounding the motors.



And....here they are - Carl's Chris-Crafts!

Carl's Chris-Crafts

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