Richard D. (Dick) Marine - Service Manager

R. D. Marine (Dick) was Service Manager for the Outboard Motor Division of the Oliver Corp. from April, 1957 through sometime in 1961, assuming the position from R. L. Boynton who was promoted to Assistant Sales Manager.  Dick joined the Oliver Aviation Division in Battle Creek in 1951 right out of high school as an assembler and repair mechanic.  Prior to taking on the job of Service Manager for the Outboard Division, he was a field service representative.

Dick passed away in 1991, survived by wife Mary and his son.  Mrs. Marine emailed the Museum in May, 2010 saying she had just come across the site and saying in part " brought back many fond memories..." and mentioned that she had copies of various items relating to his duties which she would duplicate and provide for use on the website. 

The curator had the pleasure of meeting with Mrs. Marine and her son and grandson on Memorial Day, May 31, 2010, at Dick's workshop building in Cadillac, Michigan.  There she provided him with clippings & photos.

Among the items were 39 photos taken in Italy in August & September 1958 at the Franchi Arms Co.  Oliver had agreed with Franchi to produce the 3 models of Oliver under the branded name of Franchi for sale in Italy, Switzerland, Sweden & the Netherlands.  Dick was sent over to the Franchi factory locations in those countries to train service personnel.  The 39 pictures were split into 3 categories:  pictures of Dick with various personnel at the Franchi facilities in Milan; a "picnic" with those people; and several on the water shots taken at Brescia, Italy.  Selected pictures are produced below, along with other interesting items.







Newspaper announcement of Dick's appointment.

Source unknown, possibly Battle Creek Enquirer.




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Dick was also known as "Dean" to some people.

This article would have been published sometime subsequent to April 15th, 1957, the date of his appointment as Service Manager.

Publication unknown, possibly in local paper in Cadillac, MI.



Company internal memo announcing promotion of Dick to Service Manager and R.L. Boynton to Assistant Sales Manager
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