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British Anzani

The troubled journeys of the Chris-Craft/Oliver/Perkins/Rootes (and others?) outboards ended in the late sixties when the final fabled owner of the tooling, The British Anzani Engineering Company Ltd. of Aylesford, Maidstone and Kent England ceased production of their 6.5, 18 & 40hp versions.   Information, as we recall from the source mentioned below, was that the tooling for all of their products was sent to the smelter in the 80's when the company met its demise.

A fine gentleman from England has undertaken a large project documenting the history of the company and communicated at length with the curator about this segment of their operations.   He had undertaken to copy the users manuals and parts manuals for these engines and mailed these copies to us for presentation on the museum site.  These were received in fine order but he neglected to include his name or return address.   Unfortunately, we lost all of the information he had previously supplied, including his name,  as the result of our site crash and concurrent computer problems in December, 1999.

Fortunately, we did retain the URL to his just then beginning website.  The site has been continually updated and is a treasure of information about the company.  Included is a very large PDF file containing the information he had previously so graciously mailed to us. 

Take a look at http://www.britishanzani.co.uk/.   In addition to the outboard stuff, there is gobs of information/pictures on the British Anzani Co.


The URL to the PDF files on the final versions of our favorite motors is http://www.mteysx.f9.co.uk/Anzani/65180400.pdf.  Over 8 megs, so be prepared to wait.  Worth it though!

 Click the URL at the end of this paragraph to view the PDF files of the final versions of our favorite motors.  The file is over 8 megs, so be prepared to wait.  Well worth the time and effort though!  http://www.britishanzani.co.uk/65180400.pdf

February, 2001 revised January 2008

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