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Oliver History

Our tireless curator has been hard at work attempting to compile a logical history of Oliver using the very meager resources at his disposal.  The task is daunting...made more difficult by the passing of more than 4 decades since the motors were last produced...and by the lack of any centralized repository of historical information.  We continue to garner information and hope to have a publishable draft presented here within the next few months.

We again solicit you for any information, articles, etc., you might have or run across (no matter how trivial you might think it might be).  We need your help!

Send to curator@pfs-ware.com

Meanwhile, take a look at the article by Lawrence Carpenter captioned The rise and demise of a promising outboard and Peter Hunn's Oliver section of the "Big List" from his fine book "The Old Outboard Book" in our Articles section. 

July 1998