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SENSATIONAL CHRIS-CRAFT 5 1/2 and 10 h.p. Outboard Motors

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Chris Craft 5 1/2 h.p. and 10 h.p. Outboard Motors represent years and years of intensive research, engineering and testing.

Both of these great motors are of distinctly different design, yet both embrace the same degree of workmanship, quality and performance that has won and retained the unchallenged leadership which Chris-Craft products enjoy the world over.

They're the finest outboard motors ever offered to sportsmen and boating enthusiasts.  They mark a new era in outboard motor dependability and all-around performance. 

Quick, easy starting. . . extra-slow trolling . . . fast top speeds . . . abundance of smooth power . . . and all-important Chris-Craft reliability.  Precision manufactured to give you many, many years of carefree outboarding enjoyment.

See them at your friendly Chris-Craft Outboard Motor Dealer's today!  Try 'em!  Troll 'em!  Check 'em! and you'll buy a new Chris-Craft Outboard Motor - - the choice of experts!

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No matter which you choose, the 5 1/2 (left) or the 10 (right), you'll have the best in its class for all-around performance!

Try 'em.   Split-second starting!  An easy pull of the starting handle and you're off!   Virtually foolproof.  Conveniently located hand grips make them easy to handle, too.

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TROLL EM!   Smooth, whisper-quiet operations at very slow speeds - - an outstanding feature of both Chris-Craft motors.  They'll troll for hours at a time without bucking or stalling.  Superior Chris-Craft engineering and precision machining are the answer.

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CLOCK EM!  Their startling speed will really open your eyes!  Either motor turned up full-throttle leaves competition behind!  And the smooth even power flow at thrilling high speeds will be music to your ears.  If it's speed you want, buy a Chris-Craft!

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THEY'RE TERRIFIC for all needs.  For fishing too!  They're sure starters.   They'll get you where you're going in a hurry, go into weeds and idle down just right for a long day of trolling.  What's more, you can count on them!  No tricky gadgets to go haywire!

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CHRIS-CRAFT OUTBOARD MOTORS are power-packed!  Under heavy load they have that extra reserve power to give even a big, family boat plenty of speed.  For any and every outboard motor need, your best by is a Chris-Craft outboard Motor..  See them today! Buy NOW!

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Chris-Craft 5 1/2 h.p. Outboard Motor.  Easy to handle.  Positive-action, automatic rewinding starter for easy, split-second starting.  Carburetion allows fast acceleration from extremely slow trolling speeds and also deceleration from fast to very slow speeds with no conking out.  Idles smoothly and quietly at a snail's pace for hours on end.   Plenty of power and speed to get a big boat to its destination in a hurry!   Big 1 1/4 gallon fuel capacity.  Selective steering from feather touch to automatic helmsman control for a set course.  Cam-actuated reverse lock - - full 360o swivel for reverse.  Streamlined, one-piece underwater unit for maximum strength, minimum cavitation and less resistance.  Simplified controls, permanently calibrated and centralized for convenient finger-tip operation.  Sturdy, adjustable mounting bracket.  Chris-Craft weedless propeller with auxiliary drive and shock absorber.  Easy to service.  An ideal motor for fishing.  You can't beat it for all-around enjoyment.  See it at your dealer's today!  Buy your Chris-Craft NOW!

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Chris-Craft 10 h.p. Outboard MotorClock it.  Its flashing speed will amaze you!  Phenomenal speed range allows idling down to very slow trolling, too.  And there's lots of reserve power to drive a big, family boat at a fast clip!  Positive ball-bearing mounted starter assembly with rewinding rope for quick, easy starting.  Anti-friction power head and lower unit - - ball and roller bearings throughout.  Balanced carburetion insures quick, smooth acceleration and rapid deceleration without conking out.   Rubber-mounted swivel bracket for easy, vibrationless steering.  Spark plugs and magneto shielded from spray and solid water with proper ventilation to prevent condensation.  Fin-shaped underwater unit for high speeds with minimum resistance.   Chris-Craft weedless propeller and shock absorber.  Sturdy, adjustable mounting bracket.  Big 2-gallon fuel capacity.  Easy to service.  Sensational all-around performance with accent on power, speed and dependability!  Try it . . . buy it . . . today!

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This famous motor, designed by Jay W. Smith, Chris-Craft president, is the result of more than 8 years research and testing.   It gives you everything you've always wanted in an outboard motor plus Chris-Craft proven dependability.

Think of it!  Split second staring, quiet operation, better all-around performance with greater flexibility in all speeds from slow trolling to fast cruising, finger tip controls, selective steering with adjustable helmsman control for a set position, and many, many more features - - all incorporated in a beautiful, new, streamlined design by Chris-Craft.

Sailors, five minutes at the steering handle of this new Challenger will make you say "It's the best design of all time."

See your dealer today.  Buy a Chris-Craft Challenger - - built and backed by Chris-Craft - - the best known name in the marine industry.

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