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Adventures of a Perkins Outboard Service Engineer

March, 2008

The curator has been communicating with Robin Smith, whose home is on the east coast of England, about his time as a service Engineer during the time that Perkins produced the outboard line purchased from Oliver. 

He began his career with Perkins in October, 1955 in their diesel engines apprenticeship program located in Peterborough, England.  In 1959 he saw an internal posting for a Junior Service Engineer in the new outboard division.  Since his home was on the coast where there are miles and miles of rivers, and as he "...was a keen boating lad, having used Seagulls and 3hp Evinrude"  he applied for the job "...as I knew what a long shaft was...and had made friends with a chap on the panel, I got the job". 

He goes on with quite extensive writings about his time with the division which lasted right on through the time Perkins produced the outboard line and its eventual sale to Rootes Automotive.  The curator continues to communicate with Robin and it is his intent to document all the pertinent information  on these pages just as soon as possible after the interviews are complete.  Meanwhile, Robin has submitted many pictures and we are posting a few here for you to enjoy.  (Click on thumbnails for a full size view)

Robin with wife Ruby and Grand Daughter Jackson taken at their home in Florida Captions will be added later.    
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