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1956 J2
from new Oliver "collector" Scott Green
Dansville , New York

Scott writes:  "This is the story of how I wanted to start collecting Oliver boat motors. I've owned and operated many Oliver tractors over the years. I still have J2 of Scott Greentwo.  They are nice tractors. Oliver has always been my favorite. Anyway , I am self employed. It seems like all I ever do is work.  Anything and everything I purchase is work related (Tools , ladders , scaffolding , tractors , materials , etc.).  After working on one of our local lakes for 3 months , and watching people relaxing , fishing , etc. , I said to myself , I would like to purchase something that has nothing to do with work.  A small 16' deep V aluminum fishing boat and motor. I'm not sure how often I would use it , but it would be a relaxing get away. Then I got thinking that an Oliver motor would be nice to have , seeing I have the Oliver tractors.  If they perform anything like the Oliver tractors , they must be good. Then I got the brainstorm of collecting Oliver boat motors.  I think it would make a nice collection.  I still would like to pick up a boat like the one I mentioned above.  I have all winter to look at them."

 The curator asked Scott what the sticker was on the shroud.  He replied:  "The sticker on the side of the motor must be some kind of a registration sticker. It says:  1963 Ohio Outboard motor 165882.  It also says that the sticker must remain on the motor during 1963 , regardless of owner transfer.  The serial number is:  J100518.  I live in Dansville , New York.  I located this motor over the internet , when I had mentioned that I wanted to start collecting Oliver boat motors. I drove all the way to Ohio (250 miles) just to get this motor.  I was told that it runs and pumps water.  I had also gotten new old stock points and condenser with the motor , along with the owners manual.  You can't see from the picture, but the tiller handle is a mess. Some one has tried to fix it by welding.  All they did was half melt the handle away (the aluminum part)."

Good Luck Scott.  Thanks for your story.  Keep an eye out for more of them!

British Anzani 400Rare British Anzani '400' 40hp descended from the original Oliver designed 35hp.  Horsepower increased by Perkins prior to sale of its outboard division (which it inherited from Oliver).  

Picture submitted by Martin Osbourne of the UK.  Martin has an extensive and extremely interesting website covering all things Anzani.  Visit him at

If we recall correctly, Martin mentioned that the motor is permanently on display at the National Motorboat Museum in Pitsea, Basildon Essex.


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