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Perkins, Rootes and British Anzani pictures from New Zealand

Graham Smith of New Zealand writes:

I came across your site with interest several months ago.
In the mid 1960's my father had  a small dingy and bought a near new outboard of a friend. It was a 6.5Hp Perkins. The friend had just bought a new 18HP Perkins.We used the 6.5Hp Perkins for several years on the dingy and then I built a 13' plywood runabout - deep V full cabin and outboard well so quite a heavy boat. It was probably a bit much to ask of the 6.5HP but it would plane with two aboard. I then moved and sold the boat but my father kept the motor, and it has now been in my shed for about 20 years; not used but occassionaly turned over! I do recall my father has some concerns about the water flow from the cooling pump and he did take some things apart but I don't think he resoved it. He died a couple of years ago aged 94 so I can't now check. Were there problems or parts that were subject to wear in the pumps?
Yesterday I got it out of its original box, turned it over and took the attached photos. I hadn't realised the Rootes Group connection to these motors until I read your site. A Rootes 18HP outboard motor came up for sale recently on our TradeMe site (similar to e-bay) and is now owned by a Rootes Group collector here. A British Anzani was also for sale about a year ago. I've attached  photos of the Rootes and Anzani motors too.
In case you are wondering, the car in the background of the Perkins is an English 1960 Humber Super Snipe made by the Rootes Group which we have also owned for about 35 years.  As it turns out I've also got a Rootes Group outboard parts manual somewhere in the garage but hadn't previously realised the connection with the Perkins.
Apart from the 18HP Perkins I saw about 40 years ago I've not seen another Perkins outboard here apart from ours. 


Here are Graham's pictures - click thumbnails to enlarge:

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