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Perkins Model KES 16hp, serial # 2K01388 owned by Dick Chaplin of West Molesey, Surrey , UK. 
Dick writes: "...Approx. ten years ago I purchased a little day boat(Pegasus 16' 6") and included in the sale was a Perkins outboard which I put in the corner of the shed and immediately forgot all about untill now.
The said outboard is a Perkins 16 with electric or manual start. Model KES engine no. 2K01388. I am wondering if after visiting your site these pictures are of any use to you for your collection at the museum. I have no objection to you useing them in any way you wish. I would be glad of any information you may be able to give me about this motor or maybe some of your readers can. As you well know these motors only sold in this country for a short while in the late fifties and early sixties so I can't find out too much this side of the pond although Dave Wood of "Sabre" was very helpful."

In a later communication (18 November, 2009), Dick indicates he has decided to start a restoration of the motor and is asking for some assistance from viewers as "I am a beginner at this sort of thing. I have messed around with the old style car engines but that was in the distsant past."  The curator has supplied Dick with a few beginning tips and will follow up with Dick when he requests it.  Meanwhile, if you have any comments, contact Dick at dick.chaplin @  (Remove the spaces in front of and after the "@".  This is done to prevent automatic email webbots from utilizing the address for use by spammers)